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What is the Soundbooster exactly?

The Sound Booster is an electronic module with a software Maxhaust. This module enhances the engine sound acoustically, integrates additional features and makes the system compatible with other vehicles. 
We attach great importance to a perfect integration into the vehicle environment. We avoid complicated cable laying in the vehicle. The control of the system is only possible via existing buttons and switches on and around the steering wheel. 
The Sound Booster is Plug & Play plugged between harness vehicle and the control unit for engine sound. 

How is the engine sound of the vehicle strengthened?

The control unit for engine sound evaluates various data from the CAN bus of the vehicle from such as speed, load, engaged gear etc .. These data evaluates the control unit and are  targeted more specific frequencies to the speakers. This makes for a sporty, powerful exhaust system sound. 
The sound is produced vehicle depending on 1 to 2 speakers (actuators). This speaker is integrated in a stainless steel housing.  The speakers are usually mounted at the rear muffler and the sound is derived together with the exhaust gases from a tube backwards. 

Runs the Sound Booster in my vehicle?

For Soundbooster the Active Sound System must be used! 
If the system is not installed with you, then we can be retrofitted in your vehicle. 
The following vehicles are factory equipped with this sound system:



  • Audi A6 4G  3.0 TDI (turbo) with 313 hp
  • Audi A7 4G - 3.0 TDI (turbo) with 313 hp
  • Audi  SQ5 - 3.0 TDI (turbo) with 313 hp


  • Volkswagen Golf 7  - GTD2.0 TDI with 184 hp 


  • Maserati Ghibli - 3.0 diesel with 275 hp
If the Active Sound System is installed, then you have in the exhaust line a stainless steel ball. 
As nice to see here in the picture. 



If the engine noise generation can also be retrofitted in my car?

Basically yes. The list of vehicles supported is a week longer. Whether the system can be retrofitted with you, depends on whether we can find room for the speaker (actuators) under or in your vehicle and the communication must be running on the CAN bus. That applies to all current models of the case.
The following vehicles we have successfully converted:




  • Ducato
    • 3.0JTD type 4Y (63D)


  • QX70s
    • 2015 V6 diesel


  • Grand Cherokee MK2 
  • Grand Cherokee MK4
    • 3.0CRD


  • Sportage 
    • 1.6GDI 


  • Tiguan 5N 
    • 2.0TDI
  • Touareg 7P 
  • Amarok 




  • Insignia until 2013 
    • 2.0TDI
  • Insignia from 2013


  • 3 - F30
    • 330d
  • 7e r - F01 
    • 730D
  • 5 Series - F10 / F11 
  • X3 - F25
  • X5 - F15 
  • X5 - E70 
    • 3.0d / xDrive30d
  • X6 - E71
    • xDrive35i
  • X6 - F16
    • M50d


  • XC60
    • 2.4 Diesel 2009

Range Rover



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